Description of the structure

Fingertips, a start-up rooted in French Tech, Aging Well, A.I.
Our purpose: To accumulate the sum of particular interests in the service of the general interest.
Our impact approach is social and supportive, it aims to reduce the digital exclusion of populations that are far from it, solve the situations of “illectronisme” (no smartphone, no computer, no tablet) of the 8 million people affected by this condition!

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

Our added value in this program is the resolution of these situations of exclusion, linked to “illectronisme” (no computer, no smartphone, no tablet) and the loss of autonomy.
We want to allow people isolated from care and cut off from social ties to be able to be “re-connected” to the rest of the population as well as to public services.
But also to give new capacities to medico-social personnel such as access to the home to practice the profession and practice teleconsultation at home.
Our solutions aim to enable social and territorial cohesion.
Our Smart Station Individuelle of Teleconsultation 4.0 platform, “Viktor-IA” will be the first to:
– simplify the use of new technologies for the elderly (digital, digital, social networks, etc.),
– aggregate and centralize multiple IOT sensors of medical data (such as ultrasound, ECG, spirometer, stethoscope, etc.),
– make it possible for these sensors to communicate with our software-IA solution for processing medical data, all via a reassuring everyday object: a cushion.


Areas of cooperation sought

– Develop our activity which responds to current issues in terms of health
– Form new partnerships
– Create an international network
– Development aid and funding
– Deploy our solutions in several countries, internationally


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7 place île de Beauté - 06300 NICE - France






CEO & Founder