Prediga Ltd.

Prediga Ltd.

Description of the structure

Prediga Ltd. promotes the development and implementation of innovative, high-quality, and user-friendly digital mynavigo solutions for preventive social welfare and health care. We pay special attention to the needs of the end users. All our solutions have been developed in collaboration with the end users and usability studies have been carried out by an independent body during the solution development process.

Targeted Challenge(s)

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Digital solutions as presented below:

mynavigo effect

Customizable mynavigo effect enables targeted preventive measures, knowledge management, and impact assessment of the preventive measures. This is a key factor for providing cost-effective social welfare and health care services.

mynavigo effect is a solution for providing self-assessment data comprehensively in different areas of well-being and health. Self-assessment indicators are based on up-to-date research as well as the digital platform itself. Additionally, an organization can develop indicators according to its preferences.

mynavigo guider

Customizable mynavigo guider is a dynamic solution for first-stage digital service guidance, through which social welfare & health care providers can orchestrate a preventive network of actors. mynavigo guider can be upgraded to a first-stage digital service channel with targeted first-stage remote “light services”.

The solution supports targeting first-stage guidance before health and well-being issues escalate. Guidance is based on an individual’s self-assessment in different areas of well-being and health. By using the mynavigo guider, individuals can easily assess their daily abilities, and get guidance on lifestyle changes and consider the need for everyday support from social welfare and health care providers.


Areas of cooperation sought

We are looking for a consortium to join and pilot environments for the aforementioned digital solutions. We are not able to act as a lead consortium.


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Niko Lankinen