INTERVIEW #5 : Discovering DIGIT-PRE winners

In this first interview, find out more about Ai2Ai (Southwest Finland), Phystec (Sweden-Skåne) & Carna eHealth (Southwest Finland), who will be responding to the challenge of adherence and improvement of self-care rehabilitation “Towards Adherent”.

Could you tell us about the activity and the purpose of your companies Phystec, Ai2Ai and Carna eHealth?

The overall purpose of Scandinavian Phystec AB (Phystec) and Ai2Ai is to increase physical activity in rehabilitation for patients in the global healthcare system.

Phystec has developed a scientifically proven method, Pedatim®️, that increases patients’ level of rehabilitation by 300%, decreases the length of hospital stay by 15%, and increases the patients’ and care workers’ motivation for rehabilitation. The method is developed in software displayed on a 13-inch touchscreen placed by the patient’s bed.

Ai2Ai has developed a groundbreaking device, PALL0®️, which looks like a small ball and is used in rehab for engaging, fun exercises. When patients do exercises with PALL0®️, it measures and keeps track of all activities such as patients’ steps, walking time, and hand movements. PALL0®️ also reminds the patient to perform the activities and gives instant feedback on their movements, such as indicating whether movements are being done correctly or not.

Carna eHealth offers electronics design and hardware integration services for health-tech companies. Carna eHealth has been participating Ai2Ai PALL0®️ development with focus on CE-certification and algorithms.

With our solutions combined, patients, care workers, and relatives can easily see the results of exercises done with PALL0®️ from the Pedatim®️ touchscreen placed next to the patient’s bed. This allows everyone of them to follow what needs to be done, track the progression of the rehabilitation, and get motivated and inspired to do the work by using Pedatim®️ with PALL0®️.

What attracted you to DIGIT-PRE?

Digit-PRE’s open call was to support partnerships and the development of digital health solutions for prevention, prediction, and remote care to impact areas such as rehabilitation, neurological conditions, health, and aging—a good project and purpose for the European population and society. It aligns with what Phystec and Ai2Ai aim to achieve: making people healthier and enabling them to live an independent and better life, stronger and longer.

It is also attractive for a company to evaluate and develop the product further with different professional advisors, testbeds, and partners, and on top of that, broaden the network.

Could you describe your common project "Towards Adherent" in a few words?

Pedatim®️ and PALL0®️ are being integrated. The careworker is setting-up a prescription of exercises and activities on Pedatim for the patient to make it easier to remember and follow the prescription and to secure a higher compliance to rehabilitation. PALL0®️ is used for measuring exercises, and the results are enriched and displayed on Pedatim®️, which is placed next to the patient’s bed. The patient and care workers will be able to follow what has been done, how much has been done (frequency, distance, time, or movement), and what to do next (prescribed activities). The patient also receives reminders from PALL0®️ so they don’t forget to exercise. This process will first be tested in a testbed and then in an environment with patients where possible. We will also assess our products’ need for MDR classification, market the solution, and pitch for product financing.

What challenges have you faced so far when working with a partner from another country?

Like always, there are some typical challenges in new partnerships, such as getting to know each other in the first place and understanding the partner’s way of working and communication. It has been great to see how quickly we got to know each other and move forward together in a positive and effective manner. It has been very enriching and enjoyable to work with a partner from another country! We are working closely to achieve seamless integration between PALL0®️ and Pedatim®️.

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