Open Innovation Spaces

for the emergence of societal needs in prevention and prediction

Innovation for prevention, prediction and remote care does not happen in isolation.  It is influenced by trends and challenges in digital transformation, robotics, personalised care, remote healthcare, patient/citizen ownership of data, value based care and regulation (MDR, IVDR, GDPR…).

That’s why in DIGIT-PRE we will implement Open Innovation Spaces (OIS) that promote the interplay of different actors to stimulate creativity and generate a maximum of ideas. By bringing together SME, end-users, consumers and relevant stakeholders, the OIS will create the conditions in each region for the emergence of societal needs and development opportunities around the issues of prevention, prediction and remote care.

This approach based on the quadriple helix approach leads to the development of new business models and new ways of managing the needs identified.

Ultimately, the major needs identified in all OIS will generate challenges for the Open Call to be launched in the second quarter of 2023.

DIGIT-PRE is looking for companies and experts that are willing to collaborate in the development of innovative solutions in the fields of prevention, prediction and remote care

  • Looking to engage in the development of an innovative digital solution
  • Looking to offer test bed facilities of living lab
  • Looking to share a challenge
  • Looking to propose expertise