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Expert in aging well at home since its creation in 2014, Alogia Groupe has the status of a company with a mission. As such, these solutions must generate social impact. The raison d’être of Alogia Groupe is to innovate to extend the healthy life expectancy of seniors. The group helps public authorities and professionals to take into account the challenges of aging and to build senior strategies that generate social and economic impact.

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Alogia has a team of 10 occupational therapists as well as a network of hundreds of occupational therapists in France and overseas department. ALOGIA occupational therapists are trained in prevention in the home to help seniors stay at home. They carry out diagnoses at home to establish recommendations for seniors, their caregivers and social housing landlords. Our occupational therapists also carry out training to raise awareness among professionals of the challenges of aging, professional caregivers on good postures and housing stakeholders on mental disorders.
In addition to home diagnostics, ALOGIA carries out studies and consultancy assignments for social housing landlords, communities or social protection groups. Our team of designers, geographers, data analysts, analyzes the territories and strategies of organizations to set up action plans and draw up forecasting.

For several years, the company has been directing its solutions towards digitization and the exploitation of data in order to develop predictive models to act in prevention.

With nearly 10 years of experience in the housing and elderly sector, ALOGIA benefits from experience and a network to intervene in metropolitan France and in the DROMs.


Areas of cooperation sought

For the past two years, we have been developing a habitat diagnostic model that makes it possible to determine the level of adaptation of a habitat as well as the elements to be improved.
This diagnosis makes it possible to evaluate 80 criteria. It concerns housing as well as the housing ecosystem (access to services, care, public transport, etc.).
This model is the result of research work on the factors of aging well, on the notion of well-being in housing as well as on the characteristics of an aging person (thesis work). To date, the model exists in Excel format and was tested by two teams in 2022.
We are looking for a partner with whom to adjust the solution (adding functionalities) and develop it into an application in order to market it.


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17 rue Charles Marionneau, 33000, Bordeaux





Lisa Pottier

Responsable R&D