Benete Oy

Benete Oy

Description of the structure

BeneCare is designed to support the everyday work of caregivers, nurses and doctors working in elderly care. It assists in ensuring safe, effective and productive care of clients at all times by making the patient monitoring more efficient and meaningful. Together agile sensor technology and BeneCare smart algorithms create patterns of individual’s daily activities and routines. Through observation and analysis of daily performance it detects functional and cognitive disorders.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

BeneCare is designed to support the needs of senior care providers. Our goal is to make sure that seniors receive the right care at the right time. BeneCare provides data on individual’s level of functioning based on the assessment of the daily activities, social participation and living environment. Currently, individual functional capabilities are assessed using standardized paper questionnaires. This assessment method is time-consuming, and the assessments are not performed routinely and continuously. Benete delivers real-world data on the individual’s functioning which is specifically tailored to the needs of the care professionals.

The operation of the service relies on sensor technology. Sensors are placed in the senior’s home. Based on the collected data, the automated system analyses a person’s functional capability and evaluates how they are doing at home and how their need for help changes over time. For example, the system will indicate if the senior’s shower visits become less frequent and they may require professional help. With the help of our service, nursing homes and home care can meet customer needs more accurately and much earlier than before. The relatives also get up-to-date information about the senior’s functioning and well-being. It is especially important in situations where the subtle changes in the functionality can point to an early onset of a serious disorder.


Areas of cooperation sought

Home care and nursing home organisations providing care services for elderlies.


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Tykistökatu 4 B, 20520 Turku, Finland





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