ccc. Center for Connected Health Care UG

ccc. Center for Connected Health Care UG

Description of the structure

Part of ccc is an eHealth Hub, which collects and interprets data streams of “digital companions”, health-related data from mobile applications, and formulates from this data conclusions relevant to actions for those affected and the doctors and institutions caring for them: as a “hub”, it is at the heart of the development of digital care structures. At the same time, ccc acts as a think tank in ever-changing research areas: currently for the analysis and securing of access to health.


WARNING : Please note that this organization is outside of DIGIT-PRE Regions ,and so, can only be a “silent partner

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

ccc consists of an unique multidisciplinary team: physicians, epidemiologists, sociologists, statisticians, IT experts. ccc develops new research projects in cooperation with other companies, scientific institutions and clinical facilities, and in some cases becomes active in the application for funding, if desired as consortium leader and in project management. ccc provides decision-making bases and advises political decision-makers. It has offers for companies, insurance companies, project partners (institutions, municipalities and supra-regional cooperation), medical practices/MVZs and clinics. It manages an Open Access Journal (digilogJOURNAL): multidisciplinary in its set-up, combining related, diverse fields and interests in digital health care. ccc last but not least maintains a network not only for technical solutions to care issues, but also to ethical considerations of AI and algorithms.


Areas of cooperation sought

Non-contact recording of vital parameters
AI in data fusion of various vital parameters
Secure video communication with psychosomatic and psychiatric patients


Structure type

Adress of the Headquarter

Gartenstrasse 20, 16818 Wustrau, Germany





Kurt J.G. Schmailzl