CHU de Bordeaux / Station E-Santé

CHU de Bordeaux / Station E-Santé

Description of the structure

Station E-Santé is a multi-disciplinary regional third party trial site dedicated to real-life experimentation of digital health solutions for prediction, prevention / diagnosis and therapeutic solutions from idea to market with a focus on promixity and efficiency .

Station E-Santé brings together healthcare structures, multi-disciplinary scientific skills, technological and methodological skills, and socio-economic structures.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

Station E-Santé is a third-party trial site dedicated to digital health, composed by several actors from New Aquitania as Bordeaux University Hospital (leader of the consortium), Bayonne Hospital, Charles Perrens Hospital, UNITEC technopole, Aquitaine Science Transfert, CATIE (technology transfer center specializing in digital technology) and Bordeaux University.

Station E-Santé deploys a range of expertise to support digital healthcare solutions.
The service offering :
– Technological concept identification: multi-disciplinary expertise, co-design, co-development, validation of medicinal interest, etc.
– Proof of concept: feasibility study, data study, usability/ergonomic evaluation, etc.
– Validation: clinical studies, care organization studies
– Dissemination/market access: medico-economic studies, support for special financing arrangements, access to the hospital market.

In summary :
– Scientific and medical expertise
– Technical and regulatory support
– Data and technical support
– Project management
– Stakeholder mobilization


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Adress of the Headquarter

12 rue Dubernat, 33404 TALENCE CEDEX





Amaia Robles Aranguiz

Project Manager