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Direkttest Sverige AB

Description of the structure

DIREKTTEST enable at home sampling. We are an informatics company that also provides packaging and distribution for at-home sampling solutions, with the quality of accredited laboratory analysis. With over 20 years of experience and more than 5 million referrals passed through our systems, we are dedicated to continually enhancing healthcare services.
This is great to track progress in treatment or make health care accessible at the patient’s door step.

Targeted Challenge(s)

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With our comprehensive solutions for at-home sampling, we are able to provide support in numerous remote care scenarios. The typical procedure involves a doctor issuing a referral, following which we dispatch the sampling kit to the patient. The patient performs the sampling, and the sample is then sent to the laboratory for analysis. Finally, the doctor provides feedback on the results to the patient, ensuring seamless communication throughout the process.
We offer a range of validated analyses that can support various patient processes. Here are a few examples:
1.2. CHALLENGE: Treatment support for eating disorders – In this case, we can conduct sampling for assessing thyroid, liver, or kidney status.
2.1. CHALLENGE: Adherence to self-care rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Disorders – We provide continuous CRP monitoring to aid in adherence to self-care rehabilitation.
3.1. CHALLENGE: Improving care on post-stroke patients – Our services include analyzing blood fats and providing at-home ECG for improved care.
4.1. CHALLENGE:Improving teenagers’ sleep quality with incentive approaches – We offer thyroid monitoring to assist in enhancing teenagers’ sleep quality.
5.2. CHALLENGE: Preventing falls of the elderly – Through our solutions, we enable the elderly to stay at home to prevent falls while monitoring their health.
If you require analyses beyond the ones mentioned, we may still be able to support you in collaboration with our laboratory partners. Our offerings, such as blood fats, kidney status, liver status, HbA1c, testosterone, thyroid, CRP, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12, cover various aspects within the Digit-PRE scope and find application in several domains.


Areas of cooperation sought

Direkttest is looking for cooperation with companies that are established within one or several verticals that find benefit with at home sampling to enhance their offer to health care.


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