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Embedded Fitness

Description of the structure

Embedded Fitness is a pioneering company that merges cutting-edge technology with invigorating fitness experiences. Our innovative products seamlessly integrate into exercises, offering real-time feedback and interactive challenges, transforming exercise routines into engaging adventures. We’re motivated by the prospect of contributing to healthier lives. Knowing that our products can positively impact physical and mental well-being fuels our passion for innovation.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

Fitness Technology Integration: Seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into fitness products, enhancing user experience and engagement.
Gamification of Exercise: Expertise in incorporating gamification elements to make workouts more interactive, exciting, and motivating.
Data-Driven Workouts: Utilizing data and analytics to provide more information from workouts and to make the progression more visual.
User-Centric Design: Designing products with a deep understanding of the needs of its users.
Behavioral Psychology Integration: Incorporating behavioral psychology principles into product design to enhance adherence and habit formation.
Continuous Innovation: Demonstrating a track record of consistently pushing the envelope in terms of technological and fitness-related innovations.


Areas of cooperation sought

Embedded Fitness would like to focus on the internationalization of smart clips, with a focus on the use of the clips in exercise programs for Parkinson’s patients. The Smart clips technology has been developed in the past years and is on the market. The smart clips provide a basis that can be applied by expanding that with exercise programs. In the Netherlands, the first exercise programs for the use of smart clips in the treatment of Parkinson’s patients have been developed and the first indications show that they are very successful. Embedded Fitness is interested to expand the concept to other countries and adapt the exercise programs further in a (non-clinical setting). Recently also studies have been done in the Netherlands of extending the exercise program for Parkinson’s patients towards their home situation with the use of one smart clip device. What would be the interest in an international collaboration:
1) partnering with other partners in order to expand the smart clips concept and the exercise program to other regions of the EU and adapting the business and support models to the local flavors of these countries
2) finding partners to co-develop exercise programs in other countries, focus on Parkinson’s disease and also beyond.
3) expand on the home use of smart clips and training programs for Parkinson’s treatment.


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Adress of the Headquarter

Kapelweg 11 5756 AJ Vlierden The Netherlands





Carla Scholten