En Frisk Generation (Healthy Generation)

En Frisk Generation (Healthy Generation)

Description of the structure

En Frisk Generation is a nonprofit organization fighting health inequality by offering parents and children an active community.

A society where a good and equal health for every child is a matter of course.

Business idea
We fight health inequalities by offering parents and children an active community.

En Frisk Generations main target group are children age 4-12 years and their families.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

The activities in the programs are health-promoting activities free of charge for children and parents that lives in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas.

En Frisk Generation offer an active community for the whole family where everyone can join. Families come together in activities that are not based on achievement, money or skills. Twice a week En Frisk Generation offer children and parents physical activity, knowledge about good, healthy food and a social community in the local area. En Frisk Generation provide the equipment needed and we play together for an hour. After the activity we eat dinner together or a fruit and talk about healthy habits, how the society works and what you can do together as a family or a group.

The activities are led by young leaders who are rooted in the community. By engaging locally together with En Frisk Generation (EFG), young individuals gain education, experience, and an enhanced network while also contributing to showing the next generation the opportunities available as they grow up. They build sustainable relationships and connections and gain motivation to participate in shaping society in a positive direction. The efforts EFG want to implement serve as an initial bridge to the labor market and can play a particularly important role in areas facing socioeconomic challenges, where the proportion of young people is often high, as well as unemployment rates. This is a foundation for being able to influence the living conditions, prerequisites, and opportunities of young individuals while also serving as role models for children. Through these efforts, EFG are targeting multiple groups within a specific area and creating a positive local development.
To ensure the quality of EFG’s initiatives and improve operations based on the needs and demands of the target group, EFG has a participant council. The participant council consists of both children and adults who are actively involved in EFG’s activities, as well as former participants. As rights holders and the target group for our activities, the participant council provides a platform for participants to share their expertise and develop our operations accordingly.


Areas of cooperation sought

We’re right now acting in 17 different municipalities in Sweden, with 40 programs running. In Skåne, we are active in 5 areas in Malmö and also in Helsingborg.
We are communicating through an app today, where also the leaders handles statistics and analysis.
We are aiming for working with a partner within the IT development.
Different ideas:
Present our activities in multiple languages in the app.
Support the municipalities easier with statistics and information.
Create an tool to visualise statistics (Balanced ScoreCard) in real-time to financiers, municipalities and participants
Create a program with digital challenges and live streamed sessions with an aim to also reach children/families who can’t attend our physical activities.
Develop the app so that the participants can create their own activities and become self-organized after being part of the program for a year.


Structure type

Adress of the Headquarter

Strandbergsgatan 61 11251 Stockholm; Anckargripsgatan 3 21119 Malmö





Thomas Kanestad

Secretary General