Greenhabit BV

Greenhabit BV

Description of the structure

We deliver an evidence based digital treatment to increase Quality of Life. Our holistic approach (physical-mental-social) and the use of gamification makes our solution unique and creates a retention of 85%. Our behavioural Health treatment uses AI to find the root cause behind the disease to personalize the treatment. The mobile application enables a 24/7 treatment and is connected to dashboard for monitoring health and to manage content , participants, coaches and rewards.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

Our treatment is launched in 2019, we’ve deep rooted knwoledge of behavioural change and brainlearning. We apply gamification to increase the engagemnent of the participants. We’re very experioenced in the co-creation and dive into the need of teh targetgroup to develop a solution that fits their needs. With more than 5,500 users, we’ve shown that Greenhabit is a proven solution. We handle health data with care, we are a medical device class I and certified ISO27001 / NEN7510


Areas of cooperation sought

We are actively looking for collaborations with partners that can strengthen our behavioral change intervention. Such as telemonitoring companies, occupational health and rehabilitation.


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Adress of the Headquarter

Hulterman 50, 5721 MD Asten





Chantal Linders