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Humanized Solutions helps all stakeholders in the healthcare system when they work with and for patients and citizens by actively involving them in all stages of the life cycle of medicines. We are committed to promoting inclusive, patient-centered research, development, and access to safe and effective medications. We use various Engagement methods: Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed research methods, Human-design thinking, etc. E-mail:

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Humanized Solutions, Lda. provides consulting, training, coaching, and mentoring services to involve patients and the general public in all clinical research and medicine life cycle activities. We believe in a world where patient and public engagement is the norm instead of an exception, or isolated best practice examples or a one-off practice. Our services are co-designed to be flexible and tailored to each client. We and our clients put the patient’s and public voice first. Our activities covers:
Creation of customized advocacy and engagement strategies tailored to our clients’ specific needs and goals.
Creation of questionnaires, analysis of feedbacks, conduction of interviews, think tanks, focus groups or advisory boards. We co-design sessions with stakeholders to develop and test solutions.
Co-creation of patient portals, health applications, and remote monitoring devices. We use, design thinking.
Co-design of Patient and Public advocacy and support programs to empower patients and public to take an active role in their care.
Co-creation of lay language brochures, videos, infographics, articles, guidelines and more. We co-design conferences, social media and communication strategic plans.
Patient journey mapping: we help organizations to map out the patient journey, from the initial contact to post-treatment follow-up.
We offer different capacity building activities including training sessions, courses, masterclasses, workshops, coaching and mentoring, and more.
Data analysis and medical writing focused on reporting advocacy and engagement initiatives and including the patient and public voice in systematic literature reviews, articles, plain language materials, training materials (e.g., slide decks), study summaries, protocols for clinical trials, news and press releases, online content like websites or blogs, congress and meeting reports, conference abstracts and posters, and more.


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Rua Manuel da Fonseca- Aroeira





Vanessa Ferreira

Co-founder/ Patient Expert