iiLoF – Intelligent Lab On Fiber

iiLoF – Intelligent Lab On Fiber

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iLoF is a digital health company pioneering a breakthrough AI-platform to accelerate the future of personalized drug discovery and development.

Through advanced AI and Photonics, iLoF is collecting massive amounts of data to build a digital library of biomarkers and biological profiles, bringing together world-class physicists, biologists, and data scientists to get life-saving personalized treatments to patients faster.

Recognized by CB Insights as one of the top Digital Health companies

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Our technology detects label-free nanosized biomarkers in biological liquid samples, to generate specific patient or disease signatures. By generating a highly focused, non-destructive laser beam guided by an optical fiber that interrogates the biological sample to obtain a digital signal of its backscattered light pattern. That signal goes through an AI pipeline to create a unique fingerprint, when compared to our database, allows us to detect modifications providing a flexible & agnostic tool that is not limited to a single use or disease.


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Rua de Godim 389, 1º andar. 4300-240 Porto





Luis Valente

CEO - Co-Founder