Description of the structure

inlisol’s solution is a combination of non-wearable smart devices and an intelligent platform providing health and safety services for older adults and home care providers. inlisol enables high-quality care through smart remote 24/7 well-being assessment technology, fall detection, emergency alarm and trend detection (based on activity level. sleep monitoring, heart rate, and breathing measurements).

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

inlisol was funded in 2021. Our strength is being a multidisciplinary team of professionals that have delivered products sold globally at billions of euros.​ We base our solution on the most up-to-date radar-based device to detect falls, movement, heart and breath rates. We have strategic relationship with hardware production. In the future, our intelligent platform learns from the daily routine of individuals and provides customised and personalised services. But, most importantly over time, we will use analytics to detect signs of dementia, cognitive decline and physical decline. We can provide programs to prolong independent living for as long as possible. The work of the caregiver becomes more harmonised and more efficient. For business owners, we increase the efficiency of their company’s operations.


Areas of cooperation sought

We are looking for partners that are working on preventive and predictive care for older persons. We aim at reducing the workload of professional healthcare practitioners by enabling predictive care and recognising trends in the well-being of older persons so that risks can be assessed, recognised and managed before they become emergencies. We are interested in working for example on 1) prevention of falls, 2) definition of trends in overall well-being and automated definition of risks (physical, cognitive, social aspects).


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Koulukatu 7, 23500 Uusikaupunki, Finland





Federica Previtali

Research and Innovation