Lifesify AB

Lifesify AB

Description of the structure

Lifesify offers a digital solution that enhances conventional student healthcare practices and is aimed at private educational institution, and municipalities. With engaging features, 24/7 accessibility, ML/AI automation, and real-time analytics, Lifesify has a holistic approach to support each pupil, educators and parents on their journey towards increased well-being, attendance and goal fulfilment.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

With over two decades of proficiency in the software industry, we have been instrumental in developing and creating innovative products that have seen widespread adoption across diverse sectors.

Since 2019, we have focused on enhancing well-being by ensuring the delivery of pertinent knowledge to the appropriate individual at the opportune time.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding that spans a plethora of projects for which we have assumed full competence, responsibility and oversight. Our expertise encompasses various areas including brand management, design, psychology, and the research integral to creating engaging, gamified learning solutions within healthtech.


Areas of cooperation sought

We are eager to collaborate with potential partners who either share proximity with us or have connections to our target customers – namely, private school corporations and municipalities.

We are also interested in forming alliances with companies that produce content which could enhance our solution, broadening its appeal and efficacy.

Additionally, companies or organizations that recognize the value of our solution and are interested in employing it or exploring its potential through testing are warmly welcomed. We are open to any form of collaboration that augments our odds of improving student health and wellbeing.


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Martin Bråkenhielm