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Lojelis SAS

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Since 2016, lojelis’ Research & Development entity has been putting digital innovation, artificial intelligence and psychology at the service of people’s health and well-being, environment, mobility and culture. Lojelis pools its cross-disciplinary skills and publishes a customizable and tailor-made digital platform, which adapts to the contexts and organizational challenges of healthcare .

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Ho&Me©Prevent+ is a digital communication solution, ergonomic, accessible and secure for the daily exchange of information between the elderly, their relatives and/or the teams accompanying people at home or at the senior residence .
Elderly people and their caregivers can communicate at any time and from anywhere with the residence’s teams via a series of structured questionnaires with reminders and alerts, advice sheets and secure instant messaging accessible and user-friendly by a computer, tablet, smartphone according to their preferences (alert management, notifications of reminders of activities, social participations, etc.)

Predicting and preventing risks
1. Regular (daily, several times a week, etc.) questionnaires to residents on their lifestyle habits (diet, exercise, mood, activity, treatment reminders, activity appointments, etc.) personalised according to previous answers and sending vignettes of individualised recommendations (changes in diet, proposals for physical exercise, activity programmes, etc.), appointment reminders, etc.

2. Analysis of responses generates a visual dashboard: an individualized global picture of the elderly person’s well-being incorporating an alert system that is displayed in a clear way.
3. Over longer periods of time, the data collected is processed by artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze patterns, trends, and correlations between different factors. For example, AI can detect a decrease in sleep quality associated with a depressed mood, or a lack of physical exercise related to a decrease in appetite. The AI engine detects weak signals of behavioral changes in people’s lifestyle habits, and informs of a risk to their well-being and autonomy.


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Virginie Melcer

Business Development Manager for e health projects