Paindrainer AB

Paindrainer AB

Description of the structure

Paindrainer offer a digital self-management tool for chronic pain patients powered by an proprietary artificial neural network that is adaptive to patient behavior and provides recommendations on how to adjust daily routines to alleviate pain. Can be offered via Hospitals as an remote monitoring device. We can offer a one stop solution where Paindrainer provids both the patient interface as well as the backend used by health care providers.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

Paindrainer has a vast experience of developing AI tools provided that Paindrainer is built on our own fully in house devleoped Artifical Neural network. We also have knowledge of remote monitroing and how to set up work processes between front and back end.

Our clinical expertise is mainly focusing on chronic pain patients where we, via 3 clinical trials, have an extensive knowledge of how digital tools can aid people suffering from certain conditions.


Areas of cooperation sought

Paindrainer is seeking either Health care providers to discuss partnership with directly, or other life science companies where we can partner up to secure distribution of a product with a large market potential.


Structure type

Adress of the Headquarter

Medicon Village, 223 81, Lund, Sweden





Erik Frick