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Prémices is the comprehensive health personal assistant designed to enhance the quality of life proactively, empowering individuals to anticipate health concerns and prevent recurrences by offering : Intuitive tools to monitor health metrics, tracking progress, and achieving health goals. Data-driven recommendations tailored to individual health data and goals. Custom tailored guidance and support for long-term lifestyle changes. Timely notifications and reminders to help users maintain health

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After a decade of R&D focused on prevention by our Medical Director, we have already developed all necessary algorithms and content by leveraging the results from epidemiological studies referenced in the international reference medical literature. This unique blend of knowledge and expertise is our secret sauce. Our platform utilizes cutting-edge AI algorithms and personalized insights to deliver long-term recommendations, actionable insights, and behavioral change coaching. Alongside the significant advantage of a decade’s worth of research and development, our game-changing differentiator is our holistic and scientifically backed approach. We have designed a solution capable of analyzing and correlating a range of indicators. These include but are not limited to sleep, nutrition, stress, environment, vaccination status, family history, and at-home monitoring of vision, hearing and skin health.


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Unitec - Cité du Numérique 2 rue Marc Sangnier 33000 Bordeaux





Alexis Dussillol

Founder - CEO