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PrimaIntel is a startup based in Portugal, specialising in the design of bespoke solutions for the global healthcare sector. Our commitment is to the application of advanced technology and data analysis in the creation of transformative solutions aimed at improving healthcare outcomes. One of the key projects we are currently engaged in is the development of an automated system for detecting mild cognitive impairment. This system is based on well-known and established tests.

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PrimaIntel is a data intelligence company specialising in the provision of comprehensive services, from data acquisition to the extraction of valuable insights. These services encompass data processing, API development, predictive model creation, and more. With an expert holding a doctorate and postdoctoral experience, PrimaIntel is capable of offering a personalised and focused service, ensuring that the specific needs of each client are met effectively and efficiently.

PrimaIntel’s offering is characterised by strict adherence to compliance norms and an unwavering commitment to security. The company understands that trust is the cornerstone of any successful business relationship, hence all its processes and systems are constructed with integrity in mind. This means its clients can trust PrimaIntel to keep their data safe while it is utilised to provide actionable insights that help drive their business.

Through the combination of cutting-edge techniques, a deep understanding of data, and a customer-centric approach, PrimaIntel is prepared to help businesses navigate the increasingly complex landscape of data intelligence. The aim is to enable its clients to make data-driven decisions with confidence, assisting them in achieving their business goals and staying ahead of the competition.

Additionally, PrimaIntel aligns with the European strategy for data, prioritising people in technological development and advocating European values and rights in the digital world. The company is an active participant in creating a single data market in Europe, ensuring global competitiveness and data sovereignty in the region.


Areas of cooperation sought

We are actively seeking partnerships in the domain of health data acquisition, specifically focusing on data related to both healthy individuals and those with mild cognitive impairment. Our aim is to utilise this data to train and improve our automated, online cognitive impairment classification system.

Collaboration in this area would involve:

Access to anonymised patient data: With a stringent adherence to data privacy regulations, we would like to access data from healthy individuals and patients exhibiting mild cognitive impairment. This data will be crucial in improving our machine learning models for accurate prediction and classification.

Clinical Expertise: Collaborations with healthcare professionals and organisations, particularly those specialising in cognitive health, would enrich our understanding of real-world clinical scenarios, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of our solutions.

If you are interested in contributing to the improvement of global healthcare outcomes through data-driven solutions, we invite you to collaborate with us in our mission.


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Alexandre Carvalho