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Psychomeasure, a digital health solutions SME, specialized in early detection and support for mental illnesses, including children and adolescents. We create computer-based diagnostic tools using NLP, and other techniques. Our expertise lies in measuring cognitive performance, particularly in psychiatry and wellness, and we’ve published numerous papers in this field. We’re seeking partnership for the DIGIT-PRE Open Call, aiming to use our expertise to make a significant impact in mental health.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

Psychomeasure excels in the field of mental health assessment using innovative digital solutions. Our strength lies in our development of proprietary technologies, enabling early detection of risk factors in social cognitive development and mental health.

TAPR is our groundbreaking digital application that can notably enhance the diagnosis and monitoring of schizophrenia, and other mental disorders. Our app uses natural language processing technology to analyze speech patterns and identify potential symptoms of schizophrenia. This provides psychiatrists with a more precise, efficient, and cost-effective method to diagnose and monitor patients.

The app’s capacity for early detection of schizophrenia can lead to improved patient outcomes by providing timely access to appropriate care, reducing the risk of relapse and hospitalization. In addition, it can alleviate the strain on healthcare systems by mitigating issues related to delayed diagnosis and treatment.

As for experience with Horizon-type initiatives, Psychomeasure has a commendable track record. We have participated in two Horizon programs, effectively handling the intricate processes and requirements of these initiatives.

Moreover, Psychomeasure has a successful history with past Horizon-type initiatives, exemplifying our ability to adeptly navigate these complex projects. With our knowledge of mental health assessment combined with the advanced healthcare solutions of the future, Psychomeasure is well-positioned to make significant contributions to this call and the broader field of mental health.


Areas of cooperation sought

Psychomeasure is seeking cooperation in the following areas for this call:

1. **Hospitals and Clinics**: We are interested in collaborating with healthcare institutions that can provide a clinical setting for the application and testing of our technology. These partnerships will allow us to further validate our tools and gather essential feedback.
2. **Complementary Technologies**: We are looking to partner with organizations that have complementary technologies to enhance the functionality and capabilities of our NLP tool. This could include companies specializing in AI, machine learning, data analytics, and other digital health technologies.
3. **Mental Health Practitioners**: Collaboration with psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals is crucial for the implementation of our technology. Their expert knowledge and practical experience will help us refine our tools to better meet the needs of clinicians and their patients.
4. **Research Institutions**: We are open to partnering with research institutions for potential joint research initiatives and clinical studies. These partnerships could provide valuable insights to further improve our technology.
5. **Funding and Investment Partners**: As we continue to innovate and expand, we are also seeking partnerships with investors and funding organizations that align with our mission to revolutionize mental health assessment.


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Edifício Central, PCI · Creative Science Park Aveiro Region, Via do Conhecimento, 3830-352 Ílhavo Aveiro Portugal





Eduardo Sampaio