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ReMotion is a pioneering digital health startup dedicated to transforming the field of rehabilitation through innovative technology. Our mission is to enhance patient care and therapy outcomes by providing cutting-edge virtual reality solutions to therapists, healthcare professionals, and patients. With a focus on gamified exercises, real-time progress tracking, and personalized treatment plans, we empower individuals on their journey to recovery. Backed by scientific research and a commitment t

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

Digital Rehabilitation Technology: We specialize in developing and implementing state-of-the-art digital rehabilitation solutions. Our expertise lies in creating immersive virtual reality experiences that aid in the assessment and treatment of various medical conditions, particularly in the field of physical and mental rehabilitation.

Scientific Research: Our team has a strong background in scientific research related to rehabilitation and healthcare technology. We actively engage in research collaborations, resulting in evidence-based solutions that contribute to the advancement of the industry.

User-Centered Design: Our approach revolves around user-centered design principles. We prioritize the user experience, resulting in user-friendly interfaces and engaging experiences that are well-received by therapists, patients, and other stakeholders.

Training and Support: We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support for our solutions, ensuring that healthcare professionals can effectively utilize our technology. Our commitment to knowledge transfer benefits consortium partners.

Gamification of Therapeutic Process: We have pioneered the use of gamification in the therapeutic process, enhancing patient engagement and motivation. Our expertise in gamified rehabilitation contributes to more effective and enjoyable treatment experiences.

Collaboration: Our organization actively seeks collaborations and partnerships with research institutions, healthcare providers, and industry stakeholders. We can facilitate connections and collaborations within the consortium.


Areas of cooperation sought

Clinical Validation and Integration: We are interested in collaborating with partners who can assist in the clinical validation of our digital rehabilitation solutions. This includes integrating our technology into clinical settings and conducting trials to validate its efficacy and safety.

Market Expansion and Commercialization: To further our market entry strategies, we seek partners who can assist in expanding our presence in international markets. This includes identifying key markets, regulatory compliance, and market entry strategies.

Scientific Research Collaborations: We are open to collaborating on research projects related to the effectiveness of digital rehabilitation, AI-driven therapy, and gamification in healthcare. Joint research efforts can advance our understanding of these technologies’ impact on patient outcomes.

Training and Education Initiatives: Collaboration in developing training programs for healthcare professionals to effectively use our technology is essential. We welcome partners who can assist in creating educational content and facilitating training sessions.

Access to Patient Populations: To conduct large-scale clinical trials and gather real-world data, we are interested in collaborating with organizations that have access to diverse patient populations, especially those relevant to our target therapeutic areas.

Co-Branding and Co-Development: We are open to exploring co-branding opportunities and co-development initiatives with partners. This can include jointly developing new features, products, or services that leverage our digital rehabilitation technology.


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70 rue du docteur yersin 59120 loos