SB-Tech Europe SleepBytes Healthcare

SB-Tech Europe SleepBytes Healthcare

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We have developed an advanced monitoring device, designed for people with reduced mobility and senior citizens (in homecare or medical environments) with caregivers, carers and family as peripheral users.

Sleepbytes Healthcare also benefits from our expertise in MLops, AI, signal processing and data encryption, all interconnected with our Iot devices

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An innovative solution For the chronic needs of the Silver Economy and healthcare sectors
In addition to the prerequisites already in place (HDS server, RGPD AES 256…) SleepBytes HealthCare adds an extra level of security by integrating -AI Edge Platform- with local data processing.
The MLOps associated with our software detects and warns of pathological anomalies (heart disease, ST…) where current measurement tools and techniques do not allow without continuous monitoring, with the risk of missing a medical diagnosis.
Equipped with extremely well-designed IOT devices, SleepBytes HealthCare integrates seamlessly into the patient’s environment, without being invasive (compared with conventional techniques).
Through our Machine Learning techniques and AI training models, the SleepBytes Healthcare
SleepBytes Healthcare Device can analyze physiological constants in real time, day and night, without human intervention, and automatically notify you of any anomalies.
Current telemonitoring techniques require action by the patient/resident (or PMR at home) to alert of a malaise, whereas our intelligent, connected device automatically notifies of a “notable event”.
Deep Learning integrated into our software and Device Smart Aid enables us to detect and anticipate when a patient wakes up, so as to optimize the management of medication intake or urine and blood tests, for example, in the morning on an empty stomach.
All functions enable you to monitor a person with reduced mobility, keep track of their physiological constants, detect anomalies and notify caregivers, family members and care assistants.
Sleepbytes healthcare, uses “non-invasive” measurement tools through the implementation of La Balisto-cardiographie (BCG) and the application of cutting-edge technologies from our own innovation laboratory (Piezoelectric Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, IoT devices, SmartCamera…).


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Technopole IZARBEL 64210 BIDART





René-Henri FRANCIN

Director of international development