Sensing Future Technologies

Sensing Future Technologies

Description of the structure

Sensing Future operates in the areas of physical rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation and robotic tele ultrasound.

Sensig Future develops complete sensing solutions with pressure maps and load cells, hardware and software.

In the Rehab market, it develops balance platform solutions that allow collecting areas, maximum peaks and COP.

In the Robotics Ultrasound market, it develops remote control solutions for handling an ultrasound probe via the internet.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

Balance platforms:
use of balance metrics (COP) for the evaluation or training process of physical or vestibular rehabilitation. Fall risk assessment, stability limits or static and dynamic analysis.

Pressure sensors:
Through pressure maps obtain pressure distribution information for applications such as insoles, chair seats, platforms, carpets or mattresses. This information can be used in terms of health (anti-decubitus, posture correction) or in terms of performance (improving a certain movement or ergonomically)

Rehabilitation software:
Development of interfaces based on data collected from biomedical sensors.


Areas of cooperation sought

Physical rehabilitation – use of balance platforms and connection with other sensors. We are looking for technology users (physiotherapists, clinics, hospitals).

Vestibular rehabilitation – integration of balance platforms and virtual reality to create real environments. We are looking for virtual reality products that can be integrated with balance platforms.

Medical robotics – we are looking for imaging centers that can test and use the technology of ultrasounds. Other partners to integrate this technology.

R&D – we are looking for entities that need pressure map measurement systems for their assessments in terms of biomechanics, sports, active aging and rehabilitation.


Structure type

Adress of the Headquarter

Coimbra, Portugal





Luís Ferreira