Smart EpiGenetX

Smart EpiGenetX

Description of the structure

NutriCare.Life digital platform makes it easy for people to see how their diet affects their health and planet sustainability in a quantifiable way by measuring nutritional food markers and carbon footprint. We are expanding access to at-home genetics, gut microbiome, metabolic analysis and personalized nutritional supplements helping people to achieve their weight and health objectives, optimize their exercise performance, and develop healthy dietary habits.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

Knowledge in precision nutrition implementation using genetics, gut microbiome biomarkers and digital markers
Knowledge in IT development of digital platforms. Already developed NutriCare.Life digital platform that can be adapted to any health project


Areas of cooperation sought

The project:
We want to use:
1. Data provided by each individual:
– Biomarkers obtain through medical and nutritional analysis
– Lifestyle/activity level
– Clinical data
– Dietary intake
For this, we need a partner with expertise in Living Labs & Testbed

2. ML/AI solutions and AI assets. For this, we need a partner with expertise in ML/AI

To develop predictive algorithms for improved dietary intake and physical activity level.

The final objective is to empower people to participate more fully in their own care and supports healthcare providers to be more efficient by facilitating a personalized approach to optimize an individual’s health by using the latest medical technology, the most comprehensive set of personal data and Artificial intelligence.


Structure type

Adress of the Headquarter

Cluj, Romania





Bogdan Ivanov