Synerplier BV, ClearSafeProducts

Synerplier BV, ClearSafeProducts

Description of the structure

ClearSafeProducts believes in new technology/innovation and that people can lead vital and independent lives despite an illness/disease.

ClearSafeProducts does 3 things:
1) Helping manufacturers/product-owners to validate their solutions in field tests/pilots (building business cases)
2) Defining marketing/sales proposition and business-model (route to market)
3) Buying and selling products (distribution).

ClearSafeProducts focusses on The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Belgium.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

ClearsafeProducts has customers and a large network in several European countries. Our focus is on Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. In these countries we work with partners (independent sales people and distributors) that help us by introducing/selling the solutions we offer.

ClearSafeProducts searches products that are innovative, smart and simpel solutions. These products should offer clear advantages for both individual consumers and the health-care market (hospitals, elderly care). The advantages should include:
– Improvement of quality of life for patients / individuals
– Time reduction for professional care-givers

At the end the business case should prove a clear and substantial cost-reduction as well, since we know from experience that economic advantages are the best reason for change. The health-market is extremely conservative, so the advantage needs to be very clear in order for the product/solution to be adopted.


Areas of cooperation sought

Generally the manufacturers / product-owners have a lot of technical knowledge and a (partial) lack of how to bring innovations to the international health market. ClearSafeProducts can fill this gap and can actively assist to get a product through the TRL stages 6-9.

So we look for companies that have a solution that is (almost) ready who we can help to get their product to the market. Not only does ClearSafeProducts help in the final product development process, but we are also a potential distributor that can be active in several European countries.


Structure type

Adress of the Headquarter

Sint Antoniusstraat 19F, 5144AA, Waalwijk, The Netherlands





Marcel Van Duinen