TheraCinetic SARL

TheraCinetic SARL

Description of the structure

TheraCinetic offers a complete “health, sleep, diet and well-being” solution through a personalized approach with an online space for thematic videos on demand supplemented by different media (books, conferences, etc.) Our ambition: to enable improve your quality of life wherever you are, whatever your schedule and physical condition. Create well-being video channels as a reference accessible to all, from any digital medium and soon virtual.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

Nicolas physiotherapist and co-founder of TheraCinetic. I am convinced of the importance of maintenance from home, of prevention rather than cure and that aging thought of as it is currently is not optimized. I wanted to create, with my sports coach wife, accessible tools, in line with contemporary trends so that everyone can simply take care of their well-being, but also raise awareness to once again become actors in their health and your life (sleep, nutrition, physical activity, balance, stress management, environment, etc.). We wish, with our project which is at the beginning, to anchor ourselves in the digital evolution then in the virtual future for prevention and self-awareness for all but also to surround ourselves with partners to develop, improve and disseminate our solution.


Areas of cooperation sought

Our project mainly includes on-demand well-being video channels, themed, which we hope are specific for individuals at home, accessible for all, but also in workplaces (companies, administration, etc.) or when traveling (hotels, planes). The objective is to offer a maximum of relevant, scalable, personalized content, whether exercises to do, advice, conferences, games as well as adjacent solutions such as applications and even in anticipation plan an establishment of well-being be virtual accessible in VR. Since the post-covid period, many pseudo coaches have been broadcasting more or less benevolent or adapted content. We hope that the TheraCinetic brand will become a reference with a guarantee of quality, reliability, feasibility for the exercises offered, the advice, the speakers. The fashion for streaming and videos on demand makes it easy to project yourself onto a “TheraCinetic” channel alongside “Netflix”or “Prime”, and which would be a reference for people. It is also important to personalize the content so as not to forget anyone (exercise levels, logos for companies, going on location in establishments to increase the willingness to talk and personal involvement, constantly collecting opinions to evolve and produce new content that meets needs and expectations). Also create live events (community calls, public sessions) to maintain a personalized human exchange. To this day we all think, create and develop ourselves, with in 2023 the help of the “Village by CA” which guided us to lay the foundations of our project. Our presentation to Digit-pre seems to meet the expectations of the call for projects, and allow us to find technical partners (creation of a high capacity platform but also with storage with low environmental impact, creation of applications, and anticipate the virtual), the possibility of testing the system on a full scale with feedback to build the platforms more finely, but also to directly spread this system to all European countries with the particularities of each and ultimately create a microcosm of the well-being chains across the continent. Our motivation in this project, to improve the well-being of all in the years to come through digital innovations, is optimal, we still have to work on our English language practice, but our energy is focused on our concept in the meantime the partners.


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