Wolfpack Digital SRL

Wolfpack Digital SRL

Description of the structure

Wolfpack Digital is an award-winning agency based in Cluj Napoca, Romania (with a branch in Dublin, Ireland) with a team of 80+, with over 20 developed healthcare web and mobile apps for both startups and larger companies, some of them with an IoT component. We design, build, and launch successful digital products. One of our own digital products, Pamble, treats gambling addiction and has won the AlphaHub accelerator.

Targeted Challenge(s)

Expertise(s) of my company

As a Coordinator:
– a TLR6 digital product for gambling addiction to be further developed and reach the market

As a Partner
– start-to-end digital product development
– UX/UI design for web and mobile apps and platforms
– web and mobile development
– experience working with HIPPA compliance in software development
– experience working with standards for Medical Devices (IEC 62301)
– IoT expertise: integration/connection with physical (medical) devices


Areas of cooperation sought

1) Gambling addiction affects entire Europe similarly, so we are looking for partners outside of Romania to help with the further development of Pamble, our app for gambling addiction treatment, for:
– testing it further beforehand with more therapists and patients (1 Partner)
– marketing it to hospitals or psychotherapist communities (1 Partner)

2) We are also looking for Coordinators anywhere to help them with full (start-to-end) web platform/mobile app design and development for their product.


Structure type

Adress of the Headquarter

Str Emile Zola 9, ap 5, Cluj-Napoca





Georgina Lupu Florian

Co-CEO & Founder