Discover the DIGIT-PRE Open Call Award Decision

In this article discover the selected projects of our Open Call for SMEs delivering digital solutions for prevention, prediction and remote care within the healthcare sector. They will benefit from our innovative support programme.

We received in total 19 applications, from which 18 were eligible for evaluation. The evaluation was performed by 10 external and independent evaluators and all applications were screened by three evaluators. The results are based solely on the expert views of the evaluators and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the regional DIGIT-PRE partners.

Based on the results from the evaluation, we are happy to announce that the following sub-projects have been awarded:

1. “Pain and Gain” by Kinetics Analysis (NL-South) & WaveUp (FR-Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
2. “A Healthier Tomorrow” by Lifesify (SE-Skåne) & En Frisk Generation (SE-Västerbotten)
3. “Impacting Post Stroke” by Imvi Labs (SE-Skåne) & Accelerated Growth Lab (RO)
4. “Accelerated preventive elderly care and increased quality of life” by Hestia Agora (SE-Skåne) & Inlisol (FI)
5. “Fun4Function” by Embedded Fitness (NL-South) & NeuroInova (PO)
6. “Confidence” by Promptly (PO) & Canarybit (SE-Skåne)
7. “Magic Trailz” by InnoSportLab (NL-South), EstiMates (FI) & Dutch Rose Media (NL-South)
8. “TwinRehab” by EUC Inovaçãao Portugal (PO) & Kinetics Analysis Group (NL-South)
9. “Robin Assistant” by Bemika Group (NL-West) & Nantech Solutions (NL-South)
10. “DCDCare” by ReMotion (FR-Hauts-de-France) & Lumenart (NL-South)
11. “Towards Adherent” by Ai2Ai (FI), Scandinavian Phystec (SE-Skåne) & Carna eHealth (FI)
12. “MoVR” by SportsImprov VR (NL-South) and MiTale (FI)

Please note that these are preliminary results, the above applications will need to be approved by the external DIGIT-PRE Ethics Advisory Panel as well as the European Commission.

Also note that if any of the awarded applications fail the screening performed by the Ethics Advisory Panel or the European Commission or for any reason choose to not participate in the project, their spot will be transferred to the next project on the ranking list.

These results show that DIGIT-PRE will be able to boost a large number of projects from regions all over Europe, and they also show that we have succeeded in creating very diverse collaborations.