Unlocking Opportunities: The Value of Applying for DIGIT-PRE’s Open Call for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face opportunities and challenges in today’s dynamic business landscape. Recognising the potential of these enterprises, the DIGIT-PRE project has launched an Open Call for SMEs across ten European regions. The Call will support collaboration between SMEs to support the development of digital health solutions for prevention, prediction, and remote care, from TRL6 (technology demonstrated in a relevant environment) to TRL9 (digital solution in its final form and full commercial deployment). What does this opportunity offer for SMEs?  


At the heart of the DIGIT-PRE lies personalised innovation support. After selection through our competitive Open Call, SMEs enter into a partnership with a dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM), an experienced professional from one of the DIGIT-PRE consortium partners. The KAM helps start the journey using tools like the Innovation Health Check to assess the SME’s innovation focus and performance. This tailored approach ensures a solid start to our collaboration.  

The Innovation Support Programme will provide access to a comprehensive range of services the DIGIT-PRE consortium offers. These services encompass regulatory and legal advice, funding insights, market access strategies, and networking opportunities. This ensures that every SME receives the support needed to thrive in their unique context. DIGIT-PRE also stands out for another unique offering – the chance for SMEs to validate their prototype products or services in real-world settings. This opportunity is made possible through access to large-scale demonstrators and testbeds, invaluable for refining innovations and enhancing their market viability. 

Securing investment is pivotal for SMEs. So, Digit-Pre provides guidance on crafting compelling investment pitches, exploring various funding opportunities, and participating in dedicated investor events. Our KAMs will work hand-in-hand with SMEs, ensuring they easily navigate the complex finance and technical reporting world. DIGIT-PRE also empowers SMEs to expand their horizons internationally. Through international events, networking support, and engagement with key stakeholders, SMEs can explore new business opportunities on a European scale, fostering international growth and collaboration. 

Our consortium partners have a wealth of expertise in areas such as business development, clinical evaluation, AI, HTA, data technologies, and more. SMEs can benefit from consultations, mentoring, and expert evaluation panels, ensuring they receive guidance at every step of their innovation journey. In today’s competitive innovation landscape, SMEs must present a compelling value proposition. Digit-Pre will also work closely with each SME to generate evidence supporting their unique value proposition. This may include a value dossier or independent verification, ensuring SMEs are well-prepared for negotiations and further investment opportunities. 

In summary, the DIGIT-PRE Open Call for SMEs isn’t just an opportunity; it can be a catalyst for growth and success. By offering personalised guidance, access to a wide array of services, validation opportunities, investment support, international expansion, and access to expertise, DIGIT-PRE helps SMEs realise their innovative potential and thrive in the ever-evolving business world.