We are looking for an Ethical Advisor to join our Ethics Advisory Panel!

The Ethics Advisory Panel (EAP) overall objective is to ensure the compliance of sub-projects to European Ethical aspects and related regulations.

The Ethics Advisor (EA) will provide advice on issues of ethical gravity relating to the sub-projects and activities in the context of DIGIT-PRE. More specifically, the EA will review all selected sub-projects, give advice and recommendations on approval requirements, risk-benefit assessments, ethical questions as well as guidance on relevant legal framework and regulatory requirements.

The EA should have expertise in ethics in general and applicable law. Experience in the assessment of ethics issues related to the core principles of DIGIT-PRE (innovation, consumer-facing, prevention, prediction, and remote care) is also highly valued.

The EA will be compensated for his/her efforts.

Deadline: November 30th, 2023.

Are you interested? Please contact Cecilia Gravin at cecilia.gravin@innovationskane.com